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Friday, July 31, 2009

"MONTY" - CASE FILE 1.09.2 CONT ...

Where to begin?
There is so much (yet, so little to the story), but I will re-tell it as told to Dzidra. More or less.
Here it goes my friend, for you.

As most everything in my life "it just happened". One early Spring evening I went to Graigslist to place an ad to sell some odds and ends.
Not being overly familiar, I took some time to browse the different categories, and sub categories, amongst those, I stumbled upon the Singles Ads!
I find that when on the net, late at night, I follow all sort of links that lead to some rather interesting places - not what you are thinking, naughty-naughty!!

Lo-and-behold! People my age, were (mostly shamelessly) flogging themselves in ads that varied from the virginal shy to the outrageously provoking.
Brace yourself! I joined them. What could I loose I asked myself as I quickly scrambled up a post exalting my attributes and the requisites to be filled by the aspiring Romeo. The obvious one was that of age, having found lately that older man aren't nearly as attractive as when I was younger... aha... therefore, my "flexibility" does not exceed 5 over/under - under is better.

So, one would think that a woman my age would have to wait for the odd response to trickle in. Wrong! Ding-Dong... men are calling. Many men are calling! What? Don't they have a life?
It immediately became apparent, just 'coz many are calling, does not mean there is reason for any excitement - whatsoever...
Ay, Chihuahua... which rock have these specimens been hiding under?
I tell you, this was an eye opener both to how much "I can see coming" and the distasteful nature of some man - so disgustingly transparent, obviously in relationships, with dubious motivation, slimy, disrespectful, rude...
Most of these would be Romeos did not even bother to say hello, or even include my name - they went directly for the kill!!!
I took the time to respectfully turn them down, thanking them for responding - I felt maybe, if they are shown how it is done, they might smarten up. Being turned down was no deterrent, for a number of them wrote back requesting a date/meeting. I assure you, I did respond in English.

These men did generally not even check their spelling.
One sent a "form resume" he must have prepared for such occasions; was later followed by a couple of other similar ones, but not as extensive. Clearly, this was not about me - but them, shamelessly flogging themselves.
The ones that were this brazen, I simply deleted as they obviously were playing the odds and figured they did not have to put in "the effort".

And then, among this flurry of communication facsimiles - was Monty's response. A lackluster, simple, somewhat pushy/rude announcement HE, arrived in my world. Monty was immediately rejected. No ifs or, buts!
Monty, was among those whom, did not take no, thank you, for an answer. Did not even take NO, THANK YOU, for an answer either! Third time, I took the time to explain why! Seriously, I could sense there was a lot of animosity in the air and did not want to contribute to it, instead, wanting to have a different experience.
I soon realized that there is no "high road" in these matters - one is forced often to go for the jugular! (Will share about those couple of darlings in coming posts).
One thing for sure: it is NOT the place to look for ANYONE - all the bottom feeders appear to have gathered for debris at "the list" - these, are the ones that will not pay for a more serious matching service (OH, yeah... I have tried that too, don't pelt me!).
We must stay away form "free" sites. A smidgen of self-esteem warrants different options. Although... hmmmm, did I say, options?

OK, back to Monty; he, then, responds in Spanish. Me, so wanting to have someone to speak Spanish with, let down my guard, and began communicating with him by phone. (I know... go ahead pity me - It is awful (awfully funny) to admit it.
I will not deny he was charming on the phone, his manners appeared to have considerably improved; in no time we found we had quiet a bit in common. I will say, I even liked him!
For the bad news (at least the way I look at it) I was soon informed of the prestigious address he inhabited, his late model European import car newly purchased... his eating out, dry cleaner, an other habits... his favorite bathroom... the view form his spacious apartment...
Just as quickly I informed him I, did not have a pot to pee in, walked to the only wall my pc could be plugged in, and so and so forth - as in "tit for tat" - since he did not yield with this practice despite my repeated requests. It is vulgar. Period.
No, not the money!
I told him that if we had chemistry, money was icing on the cake, since I was not going to compromise for anything at this age - like, I am crazy or what???

Talking about age. It is 7:35PM, 31℃/80℉, the fan is blowing a hole in my back, my bum is square, my legs swollen... Time to finish today's installment - sorry, must also inform you I am rather "long winded", all this might take longer than planned - lol

'will continuo tomorrow ...
© moi.09

ta-ta for now


Margie said...

Alicia dear
You have a flair for writing!
Will finish reading tomorrow..ok!
Nite, nite!


Alicia M B Ballard said...


Pass on link to any old girl you think may get a kick out of - or identify with!


Now, I will go and write at Alma Path Directions... I have been letting go of a lot of "debris".
I am on a writing stint!!!