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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

a Very short Wednesday story

Considering he was on a five year downward spiral, would never find his way to GQ's sidewalk, let alone grace its pages, he dumped her after 5 years of unending love promises, within minutes of her telling him she put on some weight again....

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Moments": Germanwings Flight 4U9525

On this sunny and warm afternoon, Manuela sat sipping her black coffee, inhaling her cigarette smoke and picking at her cuticles, alternately.... high above, an airplane hummed its passing by.
The contents of her stomach fighting to hurl up the earlier lunch, while she fought back tears. No one she knew on Germanwings Flight 4U9525, yet, the overwhelming sadness in her was undeniable; she felt a deep loss.
It was a deep loss of trust, as she thought about the times she trusted more the pilots of the planes she flew, than perhaps that one particular physician in her entire life...
How will she ever be able to climb upon such magnificent flying contraption again and trust? As she now realized the enormous trust placed upon them in the past. Honest, spontaneous, unquestioning trust.
She felt no longer capable to do so. Would she demand a look into the eyes of both pilot and co-pilot next time,  would she board hoping to safely land. Possibly many others feel this way today. How soon will it take for this feeling to fade away? And how much scotch would have to be consumed to ease the panic of the memory? No question she would have to trust.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Momentos/Solamente, otro dia en el paraiso"

Manuela despertó lentamente, pero lo suficiente como para apretar sus ojos cerrados aun más. Es que no quería despertar otro lunes en medio de este  inerte, estéril e insípido suburbio norteamericano, el cual luego aun más la irritaría con los ruidos incesantes del dribar de la pelota, y los  innumerables fracasados atentados a dominar el skateboard y la bateria de un vecino distante con  demasiada ilución. Un auto que otro agintando el aire... Nada  deliciosamente cosquilloso y estimulante. Solamente, otro dia en el paraíso!

"Moments / Just another day in paradise"

Manuela woke up gently, but enough to squeeze her eyes shut with all her might, for she did not want to wake another Monday in the middle of this inert, sterile and insipid north american bit of suburbia; which, she knew would further irritate her day with sounds of apparently incessant  basketball dribbling, skateboarding attempt failure and the distant overly optimistic neighbour's battery sound. The odd passing car rousing the air, but not much else. Nothing deliciously ticklish and stimulating. Just another day in paradise

Friday, March 20, 2015

"Moments" - The call

The land line rung itself out and disengaged; she was not available, no one was available despite the urgent prompting of the phone. The caller, survived and forgot the urgency.
She was driving away when the intrusion occurred; would the cell have rung, she would have immediately snapped herself to answer it, a silly matter, as usual. She also survived.
Life has such a determined way to go on...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Momentos" - 2

Ella, soñaba y soñaba.... ese mundo creado era su latiente realidad.

"Moments" - 1

With quick efficiency the smart phones staked themselves to transform their lot into monoliths... then, went daringly silent!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"Momentos" 1

Manejando, encontrándose sumergida en una densa sopa emocional, se llegó a una intersección; obsevando el tráfijo volando como flechas en tres direcciones... "posiblemente" mil,  no la despaviló!

I am baaaaaack!

I sorely regret having left the blogging for it be included in the website. I much enjoyed the interaction and the friendships (that still continue strong to this date.
Maybe it is time to post my writing and stop procrastinating with its sharing.
I look forward to continue building what I once started with a full heart.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tu, me embriagas!

 me embriagas,
pensar en ti
me embriaga,
tu inquiedtud es mi inquiteud.



me sacudes, 
suave cuerda de salvamento
llegas de rondas
alerta, sabio...

Te escucho,
te veo, 
te pienso,
te siento
y fugáz
desborde de emoción.

Desecho los barrotes
a la briza de tu ligero pasar,
sujetando en tus estelas
de lo que aún
no conocía saber...