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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Love" search on the Net - Case File No.1.09.2


So, here I go... and only because a friend made my promise to write this story - she thinks I have a humorous way of relating my stories, my account of experiences lived.
You see, she is getting older, ouchie and, lately housebound (we'll all get there!) And, appreciates detailed sordid tales of love lost and found - although, the later is debatable.
These are tales of - I don't even know how to put it! - tales of insane times, where age and technology mix, resulting in some of the most perplexing and convoluted experiences imaginable.

I am pushing 61... Still feel "frisky" beyond imagination; odd, how ones chronological age advances completely disproportionally to ones thoughts and emotions.
Body Parts: somewhat rusty. Heart parts: that of a teenager! Intellectually: Sound - I am one of the soundest people I know. Activity Level: Full time Artist, and, I mean "full-time"! I am doing what I was meant to do my entire life, finally.
(I do not run or do any other exercise besides walking - saving my energy for good sex, if I could only find it!!!
I firmly believe it is the only truly healthy exercise for us, the rest are just excuses to avoid intimacy - think about it... hm?)

I speak fluently three languages and, I can get by with another three... I read quiet a bit and I am up to date with current events, science, technology, architecture... In brief? A lot of stuff! Unlike that Palin woman... the Pitbull with lipstick one, you know.
I am opinionated, always have been. Some, say I am eccentric - but in the "nice" way. (And, what way would that be, I ask myself?)
True, I do not live or think inside the box, don't think I even saw one in boarding school, which, is where all my troubles began!
It could be sworn I am my own woman, but, that does not go down well with many, particularly those of the male persuasion. (Should I care? Do I care? Hmmm. Not really...)

Anyway, I'll start with the (true) story of Monty. Only names and certain identifying details will be changed. Bear with me; It is not nice to talk behind other people's back - I was told as I child - and I never did, with any malice if or when I rarely did so.
(My rule: if I am involved it is also my story therefore, it is not gossip.)
Furthermore, I will not do it now either, because there is no way I want to harm any poor fool that fancies himself a smart cookie while trying to grab himself a little woman.
It just happens I do not want to be any fool's little woman - for that, I could have sold out years ago! Although, the "fool" part would certainly not apply.

Still, I do believe in love, happiness, loyalty, honesty, seduction, romance, chivalry, intellect, manners, grooming, etc. and, definitely a healthy and rambunctious sex life - which, has nothing to do with a gym ....
Remember, no matter how old, one must carefully choose ones exercise routine! Why, I Ask why, waste time in the gym or running around the park alone - Hah?

Allow me, I refuse to entertain the idea this could possibly be a delusion.
If it is, P-L-E-A-S-E do not tell me, I want to die in this, (my?) divine vortex!


PS.: Worth noting I am NOT "a little woman" if you know what I mean. I am a full-figured woman - I am like a lot of very normal women my age are... yeap, rounded, with no edges!

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