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Friday, July 31, 2009

Monty ....

Before I proceed any further, I must get to Monty's age. Remember 5 yrs. over/under? Well, he did admit to being 69! What are 4 more years? He objected to such callous discrimination against men his age... Why? He was still young, a young and dynamic 69... He definitely sounded young.
Insisted I go to another (ethnic) singles site he had a posted profile with a recent photo. It was hard to tell how authentic or, old this photo was - but, decided to accept things as they were, as ultimately I do not give a hoot about "appearance" - as long as immaculately groomed! Hah - gotcha!!!

I must also add that I even went as far as to ask him if he had teeth - OK, you can roll all over the floor, I'll wait!
(Done with the laughter? There is a reason, and that reason is a handsome, 6'3" - introduced by a friend, none-the-less! - who lives on the west coast of the "big" hazy island... about him, later, when his file comes up - a jewel of a fella that one turned out to be. We will call him Bill)

Where were we...?
Oh, the teeth! Yes, Monty had his own teeth, alas, I though I was making progress although, I was loosing ground in other areas. For instance, even though "we were going to take it easy", I insisted - we all know by now how that weird chemistry thing works, or doesn't - did not want to commit myself to any joint plan to live in Mexico City part of the year; despite liking dogs and cats was not sure I wanted to live in a big sprawling house - no studio! There was never mention of a studio... oh... all those brownie points he was missing out on.

Basically our phone calls revolved around his daily properly acquisition trips, stock market fluctuation (don't give a bloom!) family, particularly how his ex wife left with a sizable bounty never seen in the region... (granted by the courts, of course) and, about a variety of other topics of mutual interest, but never, ever about my work, my life interest.
The extent of his engaging with my work entailed visiting my site once to view photos of myself. He did mention liking my work (with credibility) and would love to own some - I encouraged him to buy... oh, yeah :)

He was quiet prompt asking me to meet for coffee but, for reasons I cannot now recall, I wasn't free to meet that week, the following week he got an awful cold that lasted about 15 days give and take.
Our meeting stretched out to probably a month after initial contact, during which time we shared a number of things. Particularly from his end it was becoming apparent "he was falling apart".
Each day he opened up more and more about his numerous ailments and medications and I was increasingly "putting on the brakes" on marriage in 6 months talks...
I became quiet attached to him, he was definitely a charming, educated, worldly, otherwise engaging man. The way it was shaping up, I was sure this could be, at a minimum, a lasting friendship.
He phoned 2-3 times a day, which suited me fine as I don't like to either bother nor chase anyone... and believe this kind of contact necessary in any relationship - of course, these were not "check-up/jealousy/control calls - those taste differently...

We did agree, we were still definitely interested in sex - but - "we" would give it time until I was good and ready, as I had a hunch (?) it was not going to be "soon".
So, this was good news, no? Interested but, willing to wait... Hm, of course, at our age, there is no use on pretending any virginal status or need for "wasting time" either. So, in my mind - I was going to play it by ear - same as by hormone!

The odd time I could hear a faint tapping in the background and asked for its origin, he didn't know. Is he a smoker? Flashing in my mind when hearing him inhale deep - sucking on a cigarette? No, I don't smoke, he would smoothly and convincingly respond.
I did not want a smoker. I never dated a smoker. I was a serial hypocrite because as a smoker I had very low opinions of men that did - I think of them as "flakes", The ones I almost dated, were! True. I never had a relationship with a man that smoked.

By now we had all the ducks in a row and the big date was about to happen... we were going out to a local quaint restaurant of my choice.
The day before he had an appointment to see his doctor for which he asked for help to make list needed to run by her. It turned out that his knowledge on computers was near zero and scraped by with the advise and help of his accountant/friend in his 80's...
He phoned that early evening upon his return from the appointment and giddily announced he was given a shot of xyz@doc. Had no idea of what he was talking about.
What is that, I asked?

© moi.09

To find out, you'll have to return tomorrow as I conclude the Monty chapter.
It is still very hot and I not feeling any better than yesterday, only the fan is driving my a little pottier each day.

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