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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To Steal a Kiss
Palm tress
Scorching sand
Cool marble under my feet
On my way to steal a kiss
Our breath melts into that kiss
Our bodies fuse into the heat
Loaded clouds gather up above
Quickly conjured tempest
Spirits swiftly quenched
Scented moisture in the air
Glorious sunshine bathes my skin
Cool marble under my feet

On my return from a stolen kiss
Softly rustling sheets
Hand gently brushing by
Dynamite fuse my skin
Fluid flowing motion
Searching out
Not awake but certain
Your sensual familiarity
Deep woods serenity at
A dark green lake I feel
Accelerated heart rush
Swooshing expectations
To breathe your breath
To roll into a symphony
With an exploding end
PS.: For me Nature is not only a spiritual experience but also a sexual one... that is why I simply cannot separate one from the other - in case you were wondering... of course, also vise-versa!
Just for exercise (and huge curiosity more than anything!) I will follow Kianseng's advise (working together into one) and will see when inspiration strikes again - until then, I will be concentrating in getting the many paintings ready for many shows... totally exited!


Plus Ultra said...

I like the second better than the first, now for an expermient, take lines from the first and then combine them with lines from the second, sounds weird, isnt it, but the two poems have really similar emotions, try it out on a day when you are really inspired to do something strange, you never know what the muse can do.

Songo said...

This is exquisite. I have found an oasis in this overloaded tuesday!

"Angeldust" said...

Kianseng, dear one you are - not many can send me back happy to the drawing board - you are pushing me and I appreciate it...

I'll do so.
Although, I find they are different, having only in commun the sensual overtones... (that could be carried on all day looooong......hmmmmmmmmmmmm)

I was itching to post/share as I NOW can see potential - ahá - I think there is a poetress lurking inside me....

Thank you
Love and joy

"Angeldust" said...

Songo dear
You are my man!

A pleasure to provide some respite and much appreciating your complements as you are one accomplished poet yourself !!!

Hugs back

Rauf said...

Very delicate imagination dearest Angel. Nature provides everything, yes it is sexual, immensely beautiful, though not everything about nature is beautiful. Nature can kill me, You see its fury, horror. And nature is the biggest terroist of all. we have moved away Angel, we have moved so far away from nature.

Lots of love and hugs Angel.

vinay said...

let me also try writing a poem like thz!!!anyways it is super..the connection..i liked it

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Raufie

I am preferring to subscribe to the belief that one has a hand in ones own reality... Thus, "delicate imagination" is a sweet description of "things to come".

Ah, yeah... talking about about "HER", she definitely has her monumental and destructive temper-tantrums.
The Yin and Yang - the "Light and Dark" side so acutely represented.
I have heard you say this before but it was just as I was reading it here that "came home".

I shall keep this though in mind as it applies to all of life as a gigantic metaphor.

Big loving Huuuuug

"Angeldust" said...

Young Mr Vinay

You have done it. You can do it, you can do it!!!
I wanna see/read.

Big hug sweetie

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust,
with so many blogs
I never quite know which one you are blogging on

"Angeldust" said...

Hope you are enjoying the visits,
dear Q

Paul said...

It's great when those two areas, the spiritual and sexual, get connected. At the risk of sounding sexist at my own gender's expense, I think a lot of guys are slower to grow into that and many never do.

"Angeldust" said...

Totally agree Paul...

Although not all men "make the connection", I don't think they are entirely to blame.

We, women - as mothers - and society in general don't teach or express openly this truths, on the contrary their almost seems to be a "conspiracy" to keep man just one notch above the ape (poor ape!) by repeating to him over and over in all sorts of words, and images that love and sexuality are two distinct/non-related and different things...

When love enters, spirituality enters... sexual interaction becomes "sacred"...
And that is a truly wonderful, bonding grace.

Hope you are keeping well
Big Hug

vinay said...

miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...miss u...

"Angeldust" said...

ahh, see, that is how you get to be so adorable!

Have you written somethin' smitten
dear Young Mr Vinay?

BIG HUG - will be over soon

Plus Ultra said...

What ever happened to u, it is like a week (feelslike a year) since I last heard from you!

"Angeldust" said...

Now you know how it feels when you "vanish" into thin air!

Kianseng dear, I have taken up the task to "fuse" both poems and, I have a smile in my heart as it may result in an all day lovefest account ... lol ....
I like it!
I am begining to understand what you meant when you wrote "unti it is no longer yours", I am not sure I am that comfortable with that part...
Nowhere near being "finished"

What has been happening is that my focus must be on finalizing the preparations for the 5.5 (!) Exhibits starting in May...
Had 35-40 works to get ready - I am also working on the site - www.studiogaleria.blogspot.com - to make it all more "official", and up to par with what is going on in the art scene.
Still, I am having a lot of fun,
calling this the "Flights of Fancy Collection" :) - you know why!

Please be patient with me right now... thank you for caring.

Hope you are all keeping well
Love and joy

Carha said...

Great work.