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Friday, April 27, 2007

Adam Speaks His Mind

“The vast part (95%) of our minds is the “unconscious” that which we have little awareness of. The unconscious know things we have not learnt. Jung believes that in our unconscious is stored the collective wisdom we inherit from our ancestors. This is the knowledge we gained from lives we never lived, from the experiences we never experienced. This knowledge is transmitted from one generation to the next through the genes. One of the ways we know of the existence of the unconscious is through our dreams.”

It is like the Tree
In Eden, this arabesque
Of my mind.

Herein, leaves of variegated
Thoughts jump synapses from twig
To twig at the speed
Of a photo-synthetic adultery.

Herein also the often sudden
Flowering of things I do
Not know and things I did
Not learn, things the Original
Apple promised the Digital Apple
Would deliver.

And herein also the dreams,
The cloning of Eve
From the marrow of my rib,
The fig leaf shame
Of an exile, Eden now
The room next to my
Nursery rhymes, the serpent
In the tree moults to become
The dragon in the dungeon
Of Harry Potter minds.

And I, a latter day Adam
Know that the flaming unsheathed
Sword is the belief
That good and evil
Is learned, not inherited
From the First Adam

by Kianseng Ng
my dear friend
For more joyous reading and art viewing
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Peace, love joy and laughter to one and all!


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust,

However Nature versus Nurture
If you take a child (genes)
it does not know what language it will speak - it will learn the language of whatever home or community he/she is brought up in.

Even birds do not know inherently what to eat. Unless they are taught and learn from their parents what to eat - they'll starve, or eat the wrong things and die.

The same with most animals in the wild, if they are orphaned when they are young, they have no 'instincts' to help them survive

Most things we know we learn, though 'new' things (dicoveries, research & development) and inspiration probably come from the Universal Mind - not thru the genes

What we clearly inherited thru the genes are the physical qualities, colour of hair, height, build, etes, nose? - even disease.

But traits similar to parents we attribute to children are more likely thru 'nurture' and mimmicking - than thru the genes.

Of course if one lives in the home of a concert pianist, it is hard not to be motivated or encouraged to play the piano - or music.

The wisdom is in the parents making available things to attract the childs attention, and promoting that interest - Nurture.

Plus Ultra said...

Wow, Quasar thats a ver interesting comment, I am going to c and p that to my site, is that ok?

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Kianseng
(I am sure Quasar would not mind,
He has a very generous spirit.)

On the other hand we are strongly entertaining in this continent the passing on of information/memory at "the celullar level" through the birth canal...
I tend to believe this to be true.

I am not sure if I agree with your thoughtful comment 100%,
Dear Q
perhaps, as with everything, there are always variables.

Having my formative years been spent mostly in boarding schools as well as with a variety of family members - I can clearly tell you that I am singularly "outside" the family and boarding school culture although, I do not deny their strong influence...

((Big Hugs)) for both of you
and a great weekend