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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Uneasiness – that haunting call of deep instinct
Ever felt uneasy with someone? Toward something? Perhaps, for no ”apparent” reason?
Uneasiness toward something or somebody is our powerful call from our sixth sense requiring our attention.

Uneasiness, accompanied by a strong sense of premonition – or clarity - not to be confused with just a mere flight of the imagination, is an undeniable gift. A rather hard one to explain at that…, as one “knows” “sees” something
before everyone else.

More that once I’ve found myself at the “wrong end of the situation” because heightened instincts warned me of imminent danger. Not necessarily physical, but rather emotional and intellectual danger.
Being one of those people that highly invest in relationships – in all interactions - the cost of the loss down the road must be prevented, if at all possible… ouch!

The hardest part of this “insight” is how to proceed with the information.
While it is relatively easy to remove oneself from the social situation – how, ohhh how, does one gracefully (?) tell the other they reek of danger, and I must run!? Just how?
Particularly, when the other has refined the art of appearing a sheep – when in reality is an out of control wolf (poor wolves!) – in a magical, mesmerizing carefully choreographed act (smoke and mirrors) deeply engaging many at the time?
But, it is only due to this carefully maneuvered curtain of smoke and mirrors behind the scenes (ain’t technology grand?) that the magic comes about…
In the light of day – the entire act would be reduced to the cold and shriveled up soul of a pathetic, scared, also self-victimizing puppeteer… (I can’t even empathize with you!)

Yet, by some other equally extraordinary “Universal Magic” – for some reason unknown to me, the “show” goes on, and on, as so many others do - in such great illusion/delusion –
too bad they are not announced as such!!!! Or, is it that therein lies the lesson????

This IS for you – one of the many that the Universe allows to engage others slyly with deceit, with impunity. You literally made me ill from the very first moment – still, I allowed myself to look/wait for “proof”. AWOUH!
It came out in a brief flash – nothing is perfect. I saw it!
I also know – so, you know – that behind the smoke and mirrors you are playing the victim to increase sympathy for your cause, and it appears the you are “winning”, my dear…

Since I am at this, the other two of you – playing the caring/concerned friends (with little and too, too late email – hah?) – drop the act already, I am reeeeally tired of indulging you.
Let it rest, p-l-e-a-s-e!

May you all be blessed where you most need it.

PS.: I just about got it all out of my system - next post willbe a "happier" one. Thanks for those that DO contribute, even when imperfect - like me....


QUASAR9 said...

Well Angel Dust,
after the storm, the calm
Love the photos of shores
and driftwood on this site

Hope you are having a restful w/end

krystyna said...

Hi Angel!

Throughout our life, but especially during our youth, many uneasiness are inflicted upon us. Some of them are the results of violence, abuse, rape, or warfare. Others arise from bad education. A few come from humiliation and failure. Others are caused by our own misadventures. Unless we recover from these injuries, the uneasiness mar us forever.

The true course of healing is up to us alone.

Inconsequential said...

curious post...


i find it easy to escape.
i'm blunt.

hmmm, but i'm also quite shallow...

oh well...

"Angeldust" said...

Quasar dear
Thank you for visit, Love the driftwood too!

Krystyna dear
Uneasiness is a feeling at the core of one's bieng (gut feeling)... not something done to us that is "unpleasant"...
Still, I understand your coments.
Thank you very much.

Ahhh, Inconsequential?
Maybe - like everyting else, it IS in the eye of th beholder.
Thank you for your visit and words.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...I know, I have been there(I think) :))

samuru999 said...

So nice to know you!
So very nice!