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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This evening's gentle, beautiful sunset.

"Indeed, to some extent it has always been necessary and proper for man, in his thinking, to divide things up, if we tried to deal with the whole of reality at once, we would be swamped. However when this mode of thought is applied more broadly to man's notion of himself and the whole world in which he lives, (i.e. in his world-view) then man ceases to regard the resultant divisions as merely useful or convenient and begins to see and experience himself and this world as actually constituted of separately existing fragments. What is needed is a relativistic theory, to give up altogether the notion that the world is constituted of basic objects or building blocks. Rather one has to view the world in terms of universal flux of events and processes."
- David Bohm -

This gentle, beautiful evening the "process" is repeating itselfs one more time as in Feliciano's lyrics... "Like the circles of a spiral, like a wheel within a whell, never ending nor beginning... "

To life!


Krystyna said...

Gentle reminder
how beautiful is sunset.
So joy it!

QUASAR9 said...

To Life!

jim said...

hola, angeldust. Very interesting and fine writing you do. Very insightful and clear in mind.

I am a person who has a very close relationship with God, God is a verb (as Don Ioanne put it), but very real and the movements are the life doings of Him/Her. As such there is much to know of God.

In the Spirit there is a connection by which one can 'interact' with the intelligence of God, separate from forms and matter and things. I discovered this 25 years ago and began to nurture it, the connection. Without too much detail, I became very close to God thru the Angels. They move back and forth between us, some are given to me, and so attend me.

I had a special request one time, a need that the world had was uppermost on my heart and mind, so I sought solution of us all. Supernatural solution, not wanting the ways of our normal world to be utilized, due to thier lack of mercy and restraint, due to their emphasis on force.

The supernatural solution was one of getting the attention of the world in such a way that 'waking up' would be automatic for all, thus a change in a peaceful way, and in a way that would deal ego a deserved dose of humility.

It was a way that had been used by God before, several times in the history of the world. It always worked for the immediate result desired. It is accomplished by angels, fully within their realms of processes and doings. Of course they have no say-so about utilizing that power outside their normal decree, the word must come from above them, or they will do nothing differently.

So I requested a hold on childbirth, a worldwide ceasing of pregnancy by any means. The angels are fully involved and one word is all it takes. The reason for the ceaseing requested was to bring about a lifting of the awareness of the value of human life. At the same time, there would be the unavoidable realization that this 'generational process' is under other-than-human control. The humility would be automatic, the ego would diminish somewhat. The primary point was to curb violence human-to-human, a serious problem in the world. Responsibility for generation could also be uplifted considerably in the process.

So I asked and I would not cease, I explained and I debated, thru the angels, the need and the purpose and the possible results.

Now the God That is these processes that are life and the God that drives these processes with Soul and Spirit, did listen, but in That wisdom dealt with the issue for me, like this.

I was reminded that my daughter in law was pregnant, she was about 5 months along. I said well, I didn't say stop things in the middle, but stop them at the beginning. We debated this for some months, the processes involved and the angels and the benefits or consequences. I continued to argue for the need, violence was then escalating, (this was 6 years ago), things were obviously going in a bad direction of civilized mankind.

I didn't get an agreement, I didn't get a direct or indirect answer. Not until one morning, when I was awakened by an angel, I was still in bed, the angel talking to me, took me to the front door. Outside, a storm was brewing terribly, winds were fierce, and swirling, the sky was blackening with dark clouds threatening lightning and hail, thunder and rain immense. I looked out on the lawn toward the street. There was suddenly, in the midst of the brewing storm, an angel arrived from the atmosphere, carrying a child, a girl. The angel sat the child down on the walk, standing, and departed. I called out to the child, 'come in, come in, a storm is coming, come in now!'

All the while I was moving down to the street and took the child by hand and led her back up the slope to the house and inside with me. The angel there said to me, 'Here is the angeldust you ordered!' I just looked at the angel, like 'what?', I didn't....

I found then I was alone on my bed, had been awake at the beginning, but during the action I had gone back to sleep. Now I was awake and the phone rang. It was my son, he told me that his wife had just a bit before given birth to a little girl. I asked the name, Angelica, he told me, I had not known the baby was due, had not heard any discussions of names. I was completely caught by surprise.

I am still engaged with Angels, am working for the same type of things now, but not thru that means, the ceasing of childbirth or pregnancy. Though this has come up in the past two months, again, as a possibility that may be used. It would be worldwide. Except for a small purposeful location and that has to do with necessities of an angelic nature.

Your logo reminded me of this, I had forgotten it till I saw your sign.

I hope you are not put off, or offended, nothing was intended to offend or harm, all was in the interest of humanity and immediate improvement without using the ways we are more accustomed to.

I would be pleased to know how you respond to this, curious. Thanks for your visit and comments. See ya later, keep up the art, keep stretching yourself, you are doing great.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Jim

Thank you so much for your supportive comments.
I am not quiet sure which road to take for my response as I believe it all started with the “name”.

Please, let me propose a dialogue, ‘coz I am not sure if we are going to have it all explained in this one exchange. So, here I go, assuming I understood correctly.

Your desire is rather unique and the idea certainly has quiet a bit of merit.
For myself, as much as I like to see peace, end of poverty, hunger and disease and the mass evolution of the human psyche/spirit, I cannot “visualize” how that can happen - if we all came to this plane to learn our own lessons. Being that we are all at different stages of our journeys - donno how the angels can help… Meaning, that your request would imply to override, all the individual “sacred contracts” (Carolyn Myss – Sacred Contract and Archetypes)) we each came to fulfill… which, may be a somewhat different point of reference than yours…

My relationship with angels is (I’m finding very personal and) quiet recent, last four-five years?
They are all around me, “moved in” with me but, they manifest more through “my intuition”, than in a dialogue form. Out of the blue, it seems, I just began bringing them home, as I found them… different shaped and sized figures, and I have given them names myself… (except “Mary”, she “told me herself” – REALLY spooked me!) Can’t relate much to books or even cards on the matter – so, I do my own thing as always……

I was recently told by a “sensitive person” that my angel’s name was Liszl – I’m fine with it, and since then, I “talk to her out loud” as I would to a sister sitting next to me – sometimes!

The name “AngelDust”, is particularly dear to me. In December of 2004, I received a Christmas package from an old friend up North, among a number of things, there was this really small plastic bag with those tiny-little shimmering/sparkles in it and, attached to it was a little tag with something very sweet to the effect of it being angel dust to bless and protect etc. …

Well, everyone I knew got a little bag-full that Christmas to carry in their wallet.
What was so remarkable about it, was the effect it had on the recipients. Everyone without exception was moved by “gift” – just as I have been - and into their wallets it went with a huge grin!

As there is a reason why the blog address is “MischiefAngel”, the blog’s purpose is stated in the name and the icon I subsequently chose for its title…. I literally think of angel dust sparkly sprinkles, of love, protection and kindness – those smiles of gladness I saw in 2004 - as I see the name and icon appear with my comments and, as it appears in the title of my blog.

How are we doing?
Love, joy and blessings to you – and loads of AngelDust

jim said...

Very interesting Angeldust, you have given me additional insight into the situation, I like what I hear, blessings and protections, now that is very fine. The little girl herself is now 5, she is a blessing and is still causing changes thruout the family, she has had her share of downs, got run over by a van, serious, but has healed remarkably quickly, even the doctors and surgeons are surprised, she is near back to full normal physical condition. Her spirit is excellent, and some other problems are being worked out that this odd accident (her grandmother ran over her), has brought to the surface. The little girl came into a very troubled homelife, I see now how much she has helped the situation.

Sometimes when one communes with God, Angels or otherwise, there are two avenues of communication, there is the surface speech and then there is the unconscious knowledge that can be involved.

The 'storm' in the vision upon her arrival indicates to me two things, one is that my request purpose is involved in a stormy condition in the world and is not yet timely.... the second is that the storm is the 'family' situation that the little girl was brought into as a blessing.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you, you have added to my thoughts on the matter, angeldust, and have aided me in my understanding, furthered me in it.

We have a few differences on the 'purposes' of human life, these are the only differences that I see. I don't quite hold to the 'learning' purpose, ie, 'soul evolution' using human physical life for a school. I think soul is perfect to begin with, and the future of soul is not the physical body of this problematic and difficult world, but a better and more subtle and enjoyable physical nature. Many people differ with me on this.

Should you like to hear more, let me know. Thanks for the discussion and information. Very helpful, I hope you are getting on well with your problems, take all the angel help you can get.

I was worried that I should not have broached the subject, now, thanks to you Angeldust, I am glad I did. Thanks.

"Angeldust" said...


I believe that all happens for a reason.

I ask a lot of questions myself when and if "I see/feel" a possible connection or someone "just pops" into my life...

So, you are more than welcome, thank YOU for sharing it has broaden my horizon.