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Monday, July 31, 2006

war n. 1. open armed conflict as between nations 2. any hostility or struggle 3. military operation as a science - adj. of, in, or from war - vi. warred, warring 1. to carry on was 2. to contend; strive - at war in a state of active armed conflict

May I ask?
Just how unforgivably stupid are some of our leaders and fellow men (and women) that after all the recorded history of devastating results of war we still think of it as an option and a solution... ?

And, have any of them ever heard the oldest description of "insanity"?
I will share - obviously there is a need...
The oldest description of insanity is to repeat the same behavior and expect a different result.
There you have it!


arkhonómada said...

My Benigni´s english is the same. But i can understand all the things that you say.

And i´m in agreement with it. (Se dice así "estar de acuerdo"?

Cuando, los hombres, comprenderan que la muerte no necesita de sus barbáries?

Un abrazote, angeldust

arkhonómada said...

Por cierto me alegro mucho que consiguieras la película de Jim Jarmusch. Me alegro que la vieras y, aún más, que la disfrutaras.

Lamento que tus días hayan sido tristes.
Y deseo que los próximos te sean amables.
Un beso.

"Angeldust" said...

Gracias por tus lineas "amables" - te extrañe - te conteste anoche y se me esfumo... puf!
Asuntos de coneccion con la internet.
Me alegra saber que han estado bien y disfrutando.
Trataré nuevamente mañana.


VallyP said...

Hi Angeldust, what you have desmonstrated so succinctly should make sense to any one with any reason...but it's all insanity. Thank you for saying this, though!

"Angeldust" said...

hello vallyp
It is very nice of you to have paid me a visit.

Yes, war is something totally incomprehensible to me... it is always (still!) with incredulity that I observe the relentless cruelty with which we human dare treating one-another…

will do my rounds on the week end - I am looking forward to drop by your blog...